1. At the Crossroads

    The spectators and racers of Paris Roubaix 2014 at Carrefour de L’Arbre.

  2. Suffering is an art.

    Hell nearly swallowed us but puked us out again 7 hours later. 170km including all 28 cobbled sectors (55km) of the original Paris-Roubaix route. Cold, wet, warmth, cramping hands and fingers, lost bidons. We learned to suffer and we defeated the Hell of the North.  

    Here is the Strava data of the ride.

  3. That place #demuur #geraardsbergen #cycling #cyclingmonuments #greetingsfromflanders

  4. Paris-Roubaix Challenge 2014 Course Cheat Sheet

    Are you also spending next weekend riding through hell at the Queen of the Classics? Then this is for you fearless cobble warrior. I’ve produced 2 handy course info stickers for the Paris-Roubaix Challenge 2014 (170km) you can print out and stick to your top tube. 

    You’ll find the pdf file of both versions free to download here.

    The course sheet features all the 28 cobbled sectors featured in the Paris-Roubaix Challenge and the pro race on Sunday. You’ll find all the infos needed about the sector lengths, unevenness of the cobbles, the overall condition of the sectors and their location (I’ve pulled the infos of Velo News and the PR Challenge website).

    Feel free to download and share.

    Enjoy the pain and see you on the ride!

  5. This is what hell is made of in 2014

    The 28 cobbled sectors of Paris–Roubaix

    28. Troisvilles (km 97.5 – 2,200 m) +++
    27. Viesly (km 104 – 1,800 m) +++
    26. Quiévy (km 106.5 – 3,700 m) ++++
    25. Saint-Python (km 111 – 1,500 m) ++
    24. Solesmes (km 119.5 - 800 m) ++
    23. Saulzoir (km 126 - 1,200 m) ++
    22. Verchain-Maugré (km 130.5 - 1,600 m) +++
    21. Quérénaing - Famars (km 135 - 1,200 m) ++
    20. Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (km 140.5 – 1,600 m) +++
    19. Haveluy (km 153 - 2,500 m) ++++
    18. Trouée d’Arenberg (km 161.5 – 2,400 m) +++++
    17. Wallers - Hélesmes, aka “Pont Gibus” (km 167.5 – 1,600 m)
    16 Hornaing (km 174.5 - 3,700 m) ++++
    15. Warlaing - Brillon (km 182 – 2,400 m) +++
    14. Tilloy - Sars-et-Rosières (km 185 - 2,400 m) ++++
    13. Beuvry-la-Forêt - Orchies (km 191.5 – 1,400m) +++
    12. Orchies (km 196.5 - 1,700 m) +++
    11. Auchy-lez-Orchies - Bersée (km 202.5 - 2,700 m) ++++
    10. Mons-en-Pévèle (km 208 – 3,000 m) +++++
    9. Mérignies - Avelin (km 214 – 700 m) ++
    8. Pont-Thibaut (km 217.5 – 1,400 m) +++
    7. Templeuve - Moulin de Vertain (km 223.5 – 500 m) ++
    6. Cysoing - Bourghelles (km 230 – 1,300 m) ++++
    Bourghelles - Wannehain (km 232.5 – 1,100 m) +++
    5. Camphin-en-Pévèle (km 237 – 1,800 m) ++++
    4. Le Carrefour de l’Arbre (km 240 – 2,100 m) +++++
    3. Gruson (km 242 – 1,100 m) ++
    2. Hem (km 249 – 1,400 m) ++
    1. Roubaix (km 256 – 300 m) +

  6. T-5 that we are going to ride the Paris-Roubaix Challenge - 170km with 55km of all the 25 pavé sections the pros are riding too. 

    The name of the game was full cobbled training for Roubaix last weekend to get used to this terrain. Tried to aggregate as much cobbled sectors as I was able to find in and around Vienna.

  7. Nein!

    (Source: chasingthewheel, via cyclist-in-the-fog)

  8. It’s that time of the year where Flanders will see a new king being crowned. One question is still unanswered: will it be a familiar face or a first timer?

  9. The gear we ride


    "Gear that allows you to stretch over the handlebars when it’s time to pass the cab that keeps drifting into the bike lane. And you’ll find that each and every piece of clothing we make is equally at home on the seat of your bicycle as it is on a bar stool at your local haunt."

    Full review of the Upright Brighton Fishtail Parker is coming soon.

  10. Out and about on the hottest day of the year (so far). Been out and about Hamburg with my old Gran Fondo NY and Berlin Velothon buddy Sönke. Sönke was kind enough to take me along one of his favorite cycling round up to Pinneberg and along the Elbdeiche down to the Elbe. A beautiful track in one of the flattest areas of Germany. Dead flat except the Waseberg (70hm) climb, the most alpine climb of the city (quote me here).

    Strava data of the ride.

  11. Fake mustache alert at Tirreno Adriatico today.

  12. No watts gaining for me on this stormy Sunday. Finally found some sunshine and time to read Simpson Magazine #4. Great stories, awesome pictures - fully recommended! #simpsonmagazine #cycling #cyclingmag

  13. The Lucienne jersey from Café du Cycliste was my most favorite piece of cycling apparel during the hot summer training of 2013. Lightweight and Merino aka sweat wicking and odor resistant were the two functional factors I really loved about this garment besides of course the great looks.

    And that’s why today gets me really excited. CDC just announced to release their new range of summer apparel in April 2014. Can’t wait to see what the folks from the Côte d’Azur have come up with this time. Be sure it’s top notch design paired with outstanding functional aspects.

  14. natelife:

    Michal Kwiatkowski dispatches Peter Sagan, strada bianche 2014 | Nate ★ Life GIF!

    You either make dust or eat dust!

  15. Image by cadenced

    Finally cycling is heading back to Europe and the Spring Classics are just around the corner. Bring em aaaaan!